EIIN : 108162 | College Code : 1304 | School Code : 1216

Why study at Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf Public College

Why study at Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf Public College

a) Environment:

Calm, Serene Greenery and secured environment for Education. 

b) Medium of Education:

The medium of Education is Bangla but English version has been initiated since 2016. At present the institution offers education in English version for Nursery and Kg Classes. It also emphasizes on the efficiency in English, on moral education and co-curricular activities.


c) Qualities of the Teaching staff:

Teachers being highly qualified, generous and hard-working, take intensive care of the students.


d) Medical facilities:

Emergency medical facilities are available for students during their stay at college.

e) Co-Curricular Activities:

The institution offers a good number of co-curricular activities such as. B CC army (male and female), BNCC navy (male) B CC Air (Male and Female), Army (Junior) Holde Pakhi, Rover Scouts (Air, Boys, Girls) Cub Scout, Air Scout, Navy Scout, Band group. English and Debate, Music, Dance, Display, Football, Volleyball, Basketball. Hand ball, Cricket, Hockey, Literature & culture, Recitation, Speeches, Play, continuous storytelling, Recitation of Holy Quran, General knowledge etc.


f) Transport facilities:

Both the students and teachers are facilitated with the college buses in certain routes in exchange of specific fees.

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